Gay Worship Muscle Men

Gay worship muscle men are slowly taking over the film industry.  Would you like to become one?  Well, there are a few requirements:  of course you have to be gay and you will need muscles!  You have to be worth looking at.  Don't hold me to anything else, I just know the obvious.  If you want a detailed description of what needs to be done in order for you to become a hot hunk on a poster on someone's wall, you will need to do that research yourself.

Surely you can turn to the internet when in doubt.  Look up a few things and see what exactly is required.  There are so many sites that can lead so many directions, you should find a site that says the most about you.  Find a site that compliments you the most, then get down to business with your research.  It's that simple.  How would you like to be someone's idol or dream date?  Would you like to have your pictures and posters everywhere?  Even though gay muscle worship isn't big in every country, it's slowly making its way to your town real soon, so be prepared!  You wouldn't want to be left in the dark when it's your time to shine!

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