Gay Muscle Men Kissing

Kissing!  No way!  Well, yes way!  Gay muscle men kissing.  I'm sure some people are thinking wow, what is the world really coming to?  If I saw that, I really can't say what I would do.  I would have the craziest look on my face.  But kissing?!  Wow, that's a bit much right?  I can't really say that I'm against anything though honestly.  You like what you like and you love what you love.  Love doesn't have a color, face, or race.  You can't help who you love right?

But really, can you picture it?  You're walking down the street with a friend and bam, right there, two muscle men kissing!  How would the rest of your day be?  Would you ever be able to get that image out of your mind?  But really, I bet you wouldn't be that upset if you were to see two females kissing instead!  What's the big difference between two women kissing and two men kissing?  Gay and lesbian are not exactly the same, but they are along the same lines right?  I guess one is more appealing to the eye than the other.  Would you say so?  I'm sure half the world agrees with that statement huh?

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